At Eviltailors we're very proud of having the best brands and manufacturers of clothing, armors and medieval accesories. We put a lot of effort on having available great variety of products for living action role play, historical reenactment, medieval enthusiasts such for markets, faires, events, weddings and many more.

Since 1996 Mytholon is the outfitter of choice for all areas of Live Action Role Play (LARP -> ReV Rol en Vivo), the Middle Ages and costumes. Be it camp items such as cutlery, tableware and harmonious light and even tents, garments from medieval underwear to costumes worthy a king or even the right armor for every fight, from light leather bracers to full plate. When designing our products we´re always focused great workmanship, durable materials and extraordinary cuts. While we are available to customers around the clock in our online shop, you can also find us on many medieval markets, fantastic fairs & festivals or small and large LARP-events in Germany as well as all over Europe. In addition, our products can be sourced locally from well-stocked dealers and partners such as Eviltailors.

Epic Armoury is a manufacturer of various products for Live Action Role Play (LARP). We aim to be the best at what we do and have built up a solid reputation of being a reliable supplier and partner of LARP dealers, theaters, and filmmakers all over the world.

The Epic Armoury brand is designed and manufactured to be smart, creative, functional, and safe. In this way we aim to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, crafting products inspired by an assortment of themes and styles not easily found elsewhere. 

Founded in 2004 in the cold windswept plains of eastern Canada, Calimacil set out from its inception to become a world-class supplier of high-end LARP and historical re-enactment foam weapons. Their lavishly decorated designs are inspired by the martial lore of history, legends and stories taken directly from the dreamscapes of heroic fantasy.

Their products are manufactured by an eager band of artisans made of passionate LARP players, martial arts practitioners and hardcore gamers. Playing is a fundamental part of the company's ethos as it focuses their creative energies and drives them to create new exciting weapons models.

The Journey began in 1994. Andreas Paul fell in love with the medieval reenactment community in Germany and decided to fully engage. Being a textile aficionado he swapped his second hand boutique for a van and a tent, and embarked on a journey to market his own creations to the medieval folks.
2014 the dotcom era veteran Markus Böhm and the fashion expert Marc Birkelbach joined the team. Burgschneider was born! A breathtaking story would run it’s course. Within 3 years turning a one person enterprise into a fashion label with international representation within movie and theatre productions as well as museums, festivals, conventions, cosplayers, medieval enthusiasts, live action role players and reenactors.

DDenix is a spanish company specialized in the manufacture of reproductions of weapons. A company that has become over the years and, in his own merits, in one of the earliest and most prestigious in the industry.

Freyhand was born from the idea of ​​producing LARP equipment with high quality standards. Present in the business for 20 years have contributed to many ideas that have fueled the live role-playing hobby in Germany. The Freyhand team is made up of, among other members, former Hammerkunst craftsmen.

Driven by their mission to offer sustainable medieval clothing in excellent quality at a fair price, the team of Leonardo Carbone has been designing own collections for the worldwide medieval and LARP community for many years.

They are an internationally operating retail and wholesale company in the textile sector, with a large selection of historical garments made of cotton, wool or linen as well as shoes, leather goods and accessories.
While in the beginning their products could only be purchased offline at their self-built market stand, they have now successfully established themnselves on the international market and have made a name for themselves worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality and self-designed medieval clothing.

An important milestone in the history of their company was their online shop opened in 1999. Today, their product range includes more than 1,500 self-designed articles from traditional medieval shirts to Viking boots.

Founded in Berlin in 1999, Maskworld has become Germany's leading online provider of high-quality makeup and costumes to the world. The wide range of products includes more than 15,000 costumes, masks, wigs, makeup, special effects and accessories, and is constantly expanding with new trends. With its wide range, Maskworld appeals not only to carnival and Halloween fans, but also festival enthusiasts, live action role players and medieval event visitors, as well as professional users from the theater industry and the cinema.

Wyvern is a company with two areas. First of all, the specialization in the sale of equipment, weapons and accessories for LARP. On the other hand, the organization of massive live action role play events. Wyvern Crafts offers high quality, realistic looking LARP weapons and equipment. They specialize in highly durable weapons that will endure season after season, plus many of their swords and axes are replicas of historical weapons.

Founded in 2002, Battle Merchant is a major provider of historical reenactment products. Covering periods from Ancient Greece to the Late Middle Ages, from decoration to full-contact medieval combat gear.