One-handed swords, all those that are not wielded with two hands or one and a half hands or that are not short swords. Swords have always been noble weapons, made to face in a versatile way the different challenges faced by their user. Thanks to their long edge, both single-edged and double-edged, they are the necessary answer to face maces, spears, axes and other weapons. They dominated the Middle Ages, turning the medieval sword into a total weapon to which warriors devoted years of training and dedication. Medieval swords forged for times in which literature came to combine with the epic to create its own myths around this unique weapon. In larp, softcombat, live role-playing and medieval fighting, they are a tool very frequently chosen by their users. Made of different types of foam or rubber, and in all its variants finished with a fiberglass core, or at least it is the most commonly used material, although currently new materials are beginning to be used to ensure its durability.

The foam sword is usually coated with a protective material that ensures the durability of the product as well as the resistance of the painting, usually latex is used, although most developers use new materials free of latex, due to its better performance. The guards of medieval or fantasy swords are usually made of the same material, although nowadays bicomponents such as polyurethane are used.

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