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Medieval and LARP Clothing Store

Live Action Role Play also known as LARP is a hobby with multiple facets, our stronghold is offering a wide range of products. We try to expand our stock monthly with new items.

We offer garments from the Classic, Medieval and Reinaissance eras to dress up a range of characters, from peasants, guards and adventurers to noblemen and wealthy merchants. Yoy can find a wide range of trousers, tunics, shirts, blouses, gambesons, tabards, corsets and footwear. You can also find many accessories to customize your garment, belts, pouches, bags and bracelets as well as jewelry like rings, diadems and tiaras.

We also have latex and foam weapon replicas of swords, axes, polearms, maces and bows specially crafted for LARP use and props, as well as leather and metal armour, both mail and plate armour, crafted from iron, steel and aluminium. From breastplates to greaves, vambracers, pauldrons, tassets, gorgets, helmets and helms.

Most of our articles have been crafted following historical models and are suitable for historical reenacment and medieval markets.